Hi I'm AJ 

Firstly thank you for visiting my website. 

So where do I start? 

I’m not going to be cringey and say I’ve always wanted to help people on their fitness journey or I was always destined to be in the fitness industry…. BUT from being a PT for the past 9 years I’ve grown to bloody love this industry and I’m very passionate about helping people and now realise “its more than just fitness” for many of my clients. 
When I first started my PT career at Virgin Active in 2012 I had just left the army and all I wanted to do was beast “civvies” as I thought that was what it was about, until my manager at the time who was also an ex squaddie gave me some great advice and said: 
“In the army they train you to break you, on civvy street you coach people to help them.” 
That conversation definitely has always stuck with me and made me the PT I am today. 

So the Sports Massage Therapy journey… 

I was training for a competition in 2015 and got injured the week of the competition and thought I would be unable to compete, I went to see a really good friend of mine, Mitchell Dyer – Elite performance Sports Therapy based in SW London. On the Wednesday he “fixed” me so I was able to compete on that Sunday. I was amazed and decided then I wanted to become a sports massage therapist so I could do the same for my own clients. 
I have now built a business combining Sports Massage Therapy and Personal Training and my goal from with both is to provide improvement to movement. 
I enjoy the problem solving of why body parts are not moving efficiently and educating clients on how to help themselves. 

Personal Trainer 



Level 4  Sports Massage  

In Chair Massage 

Pregnancy Massage 

Book in for a consultation and see how I can help you Provide Improvement to Movement! 
If you cannot find an available booking time to suit you please call me on 07528 857938. 
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